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If you’re looking for an English tutor you can rely on, you’re in the right place.

At Torsi Online English our teachers are hand picked from the best in South Africa. They are Celta/TEFL qualified and with a university degree. They come with many years of teaching experience behind them. We train and support our teachers in the style of Torsi English to ensure both teacher and student have the happiest lesson possible.

Why is it important for teachers and students to enjoy their lessons?

Learning is a process, and learning a language takes place over a period of time. The student finally has a breakthrough, and voila, they’re speaking English! We often hear students say “And then one day I just started speaking English!”

We believe the foundation of this process is confidence and happiness aids this. While we know the importance of grammar, we encourage our students and teachers to enjoy their lessons, because after all, the best way to learn is by having fun. We are teaching both for enjoyment, and to ensure the highest level of English training for the student.

Our lessons are rich with relevant information, stunning pictures, fun exercises and vibrant video. It’s a step-by-step process, which is why we take it one lesson at a time. When the student is ready, the English appears!

Start your learning journey here!

It takes the average learner about one year to become conversationally fluent in English. Depending on the student level, we have a package to suit all your needs.

Courses are created specifically for Torsi English by educational experts ensuring our teachers have a rich resource to teach from.

Victoria was a wonderful teacher to my son Felipe, she was the only teacher that he ever liked and he looked forward to every class. Would recommend this school to any parent looking for the best teachers, I really trust Victoria! She’s the best!
Beatriz, Hungary
I needed help to prepare for my GSCE exams and I found the perfect tutor with Torsi, this school seriously has the best tutors, my friends all got good tutors here too. Adrian helped with the best material I’ve ever used and supported me through all the studying I needed to do, which I was so nervous for! I love this school and won’t ever forget Adrian!
Maria, India
I was looking for a teacher for my son that also spoke Spanish, Torsi helped me find the perfect teacher that my son loves, he is shy and needed someone kind and friendly. He learned very quickly with his teacher Julie, she was always encouraging, made the lessons fun and interesting, and the material is the best you can get, better than any other English school, and my son has been to many! This school is truly unique. Highly recommended!
Daniel, Mexico
My name is Juan-Miguel, I’m from Ecuador, I am a doctor in my final year of practicals, my schedule is busy so I needed a teacher who could accommodate, it was so easy with Torsi, but always a hard time with other English schools. Teacher Andrew made learning English easy! Nice guy with a good knowledge of medical terminology. Lucky me!
Juan-Miguel, Ecuador